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Celebrating Resilience and Innovation in Digital Marketing

BQC Founder Tom Edwards

BQC Founder, Tom Edwards

Two Decades of Industry Experience Ignites the Next Chapter for a Seasoned Marketing Leader

A pivotal chapter unfolds with the announcement of Bit Quirky Consulting Ltd (BQC), a new consultancy firm poised to bring a fresh approach to the rapidly evolving digital marketing industry, established by a seasoned marketing expert. With over two decades of industry experience, the founder of BQC is set to bring a unique blend of personal resilience and professional expertise to the forefront of digital strategy.

In 2002, at the age of 18, Tom entered the burgeoning digital marketing industry. Over the years, he has witnessed and actively contributed to the dramatic transformation of the digital landscape, adapting to the emergence of platforms like Google and Meta, and staying ahead of the latest trends like AI in SEO and personalised marketing. His career, fuelled by curiosity and a relentless drive, has spanned multiple roles and challenges, each enriching his understanding and mastery of digital marketing.

However, in June 2023, a severe health crisis posed the greatest challenge of his life. A severe health crisis, including bacterial meningitis, stroke, sepsis, and a life-threatening blood clot on the brain, posed a significant challenge, with a 5% survival rate. Thanks to the outstanding care provided by the NHS and the unwavering support of family and friends, he not only survived but emerged with a renewed purpose and zest for life.

This profound experience served as the catalyst for the founding of BQC. More than just a growth marketing consultancy, BQC is a testament to the power of overcoming life’s greatest obstacles and harnessing those lessons to inspire and drive success. BQC stands out by integrating two decades of industry knowledge with a fresh perspective shaped by personal trials and triumphs.

As BQC continues to grow and as its founder celebrates his 40th birthday this year, the company is committed to helping its clients achieve outstanding results. Their strategies are not only backed by robust data but are also imbued with the wisdom gained from a 22-year-long career and a renewed outlook on life.

“Chapter 40 is not just a continuation of my career but a revival—embracing the quirky, the innovative, and the bold,” says Tom Edwards, Founder of BQC. “I am grateful for every twist and turn of this journey, as it has shaped the essence of BQC.”

To peers, clients, and fellow survivors of life’s unexpected battles: the invitation is open to innovate, overcome, and thrive together. With Bit Quirky Consulting, the best is yet to come.

About Bit Quirky Consulting Ltd / BQC

Bit Quirky Consulting Ltd is a growth marketing consultancy that prides itself on delivering transformational results and exceptional strategies grounded in two decades of learning and evolution. Founded on the principles of resilience, innovation, and data-driven insights, BQC is dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of the digital world.

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