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It is with great pride that we announce Tom’s latest achievement: becoming a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional. This certification is a testament to Tom’s dedication and expertise in the dynamic world of digital advertising.

The Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional status is awarded to individuals who demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft Advertising ecosystem. Tom has met and exceeded these rigorous standards, showcasing his proficiency across multiple facets of digital advertising.

Expertise Across Key Advertising Domains

This Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional certification encompasses three critical areas:

  1. Search Advertising: Mastering the nuances of search advertising, Tom has demonstrated the ability to create, manage, and optimise search campaigns that drive targeted traffic and deliver measurable results.
  2. Native & Display Advertising: Through innovative and strategic approaches, Tom has proven his capability in crafting compelling native and display ad campaigns that engage audiences and enhance brand visibility across various digital platforms.
  3. Shopping Advertising: With a keen understanding of the shopping landscape, Tom has shown proficiency in creating effective shopping campaigns that connect products with consumers, ultimately driving conversions and sales.

Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional

Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional Learning Paths and Certification Details

Becoming a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional involves comprehensive learning paths designed to build and validate expertise in various advertising domains.

Here are the key learning paths:

  1. Search Advertising Learning Path: Covers the fundamentals and best practices of search advertising, including the Microsoft Advertising platform.
  2. Native & Display Advertising Learning Path: Focuses on the native and display advertising ecosystem, including best practices and the Microsoft Audience Network.
  3. Shopping Advertising Learning Path: Provides in-depth knowledge of shopping advertising, including solutions and best practices on the Microsoft Advertising platform.

Each certification path includes a series of courses culminating in an exam that tests the candidate’s knowledge and skills. Achieving certification in all three areas grants the highest-level status of Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional.

A Commitment to Excellence

Tom’s achievement reflects a deep commitment to excellence and a proactive approach to staying updated with industry trends and best practices. This certification validates Tom’s skills and reinforces Bit Quirky Consulting’s dedication to delivering best-practice digital marketing solutions to our clients.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate this milestone, we remain focused on leveraging this enhanced expertise to benefit our clients and drive their success through search, native and display paid advertising. We are confident that Tom’s new certification will bring fresh insights and innovative strategies to our campaigns, further solidifying our position as leaders in the digital marketing space.

“Earning the Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional status is a significant milestone in my career. This certification equips me with the latest tools and knowledge to craft more effective and innovative advertising solutions. I am eager to apply these insights to help our clients achieve their marketing goals and maximise their return on investment.” – Tom Edwards, BQC Founder.

Expanding Expertise: Marketing with Purpose Certification

In addition to these achievements, Tom has also completed the Marketing with Purpose Learning Path, further enhancing his ability to create campaigns that resonate on a deeper, more meaningful level.

This certification focuses on building trust, inclusion, and brand responsibility, ensuring that advertising efforts not only drive business results but also contribute positively to societal values.

“Completing the Marketing with Purpose Learning Path has been a transformative experience. This certification empowers me to create and deliver campaigns that not only achieve our clients’ business objectives but also build trust, foster inclusion, and promote brand responsibility. I am committed to ensuring our advertising efforts resonate on a deeper level and contribute positively to societal values, ultimately driving meaningful connections with our audiences.” – Tom Edwards, BQC Founder

Please join us in congratulating Tom on this significant accomplishment. We look forward to the continued growth and success this certification represents for Tom and our organisation.

For more information on the Microsoft Advertising Learning Paths, please visit Microsoft Advertising Learning Lab.

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